How to send out Push Notifications to all of the people who download your app.

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Once your application is featured on the App Store and Google Play, you’ll be able to send push notifications!

First of all, to be able to send notifications, your app must be set as“published” (We can only do this after your app is live in the app stores). For this to happen, you need to contact the Gappsy team through the Live chat button in the right bottom corner of the website, and tell them your app name + the email of the Gappsy account that created the app. The Gappsy team will change the Status of your app to published, so that you can send out push notifications with your app.

You also need to have your pem. certificate. If you published your app on the Apple Appstore on your own, please make sure that you send the pem. certificate to the Gappsy team. Without it, you can not send out push notifications on Apple.

Then, from the app editor, it is quite simple. You have to click on the Push feature. This will appear:

Then, you have to click on theScreen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.13.29, to create a new Push message. This will appear:

  • “Open a feature or a custom url”allows you to redirect your users to a specific url or a specific page of your app when they open the push notification.
  • “Insert a cover image”will insert a cover image

Now, choose your message an click onOnce you have clicked, this will appear:

If you want to send your push to a specific location, check the box “Send to a specific location”, enter a location and a radius. If not, check the box “Send to no specific locations”.

Then, click on:

  • “Target specific devices”:You can choose to send to iOS & Android devices, Android only or iOS only.
  • “Send to all my users”:Will send to all of your users, including unregistered ones.
  • “Send to specific users”:Will send to specific users. A list of your users will appear. You will be able to check the users you want to send this push notification to.
  • “Send to specific topics”:You can set the topics up by using the topics feature, check the topics documentation here:

Then, click on:

You can send your notification now, or on a specific date:

You are done ! Click onto send the push notification.

Send Push Notification from the Dashboard of the Editor

You can now send Push Notifications directly from the Dashboard of the Editor. This will allow you to send a notification to multiple apps on your account.

Note: The push feature must be added in your app

First, click on the Push Notification buttonon the top of the screen.
This page will appear :

  • “Title”:Enter the title of your push notification.
  • “Message”:The message of the notification.
  • “Send to all applications”:This checkbox will send this notification to all of your apps.
  • “Target devices”:You can chose to send to iOS & Android devices, Android only or iOS only.
  • “Open custom URL”: allows you to redirect your users to a specific url when they open the push notification.
  • “URL”:Enter here the custom URL if the previous checkbox is checked.
  • “Select target applications”:If the checkbox “Send to all applications” is not checked, you can chose the apps you want your push notification to be sent on.

Once everything is setup, you are done ! You can click on

Thats it!

You have now sent a push notification that should be sent any moment! Amazing right? Great thing is that there is no spam box, so every single person that downloaded your app, will see your push notification:)