Want to give your app users another reason to keep using your apps? Look no further than our Games Library feature! 

Our module allows you to easily provide your app users and clients with a single, or multiple quality games that can be added to an app! The module includes games from all genres: sports, casino, strategy, action, and word games.


You get 39 games that you can add to your apps. No ads. White label. No distractions for your users. 


● Easily add games by copy and pasting a couple lines of code to the Source code module. 

● Demo games directly in the Editor. 

● Game icons and featured images are provided in the Editor. 

● Easily search games directly in the Editor. 



Card Game

Action Game 

Arcade Game

Strategy Game


1) While in the Editor, from the left-hand-side of the screen select Modules Games Library.

Upon accessing the feature, all games will be visible. There is also a Search option to easily locate a respective game. Next, click the game that you want to add or review. 

2) After selecting a game, the game Title and Description is visible at the top of the screen. In addition, you will be able to access the Game Icon, Demo the Game, and Copy the Game Code. 

Click the Game Icon button to save the game's icon to your computer. 

Next, click Copy Game Code (the code will automatically copy to the Clipboard).

3) Open the Source Code module

4) Change the Page Name to the Game Title, and add the Game Icon that you saved.

5) Paste the Game Code that you copied and click Save.


Will my app be approved by the App Stores if I use a bunch of games in an app? 

All of our apps that contain games was approved by the App Stores. However, your app should not only contain games. The games should be an additional feature to your app. For example, you can have an app with the games, the Social Wall, videos, and other features to make a well-rounded app. 

Another recommendation is using the games to accommodate the type of app that you're making. For example, we created an app for a golf resort. As part of the app, we added two Golf Games. 

Are the games multi-player? 

Most aren't but some games have a multi-player option. 

Are the games available offline? 

For most games, if you're already playing a game and then go offline you'll be able to continue playing and will be able to restart the game (with the restart option in the game). However, if you're offline already you won't be able to start a respective game. 

Do the games work on Android and iOS devices? 

Yes, the games work on both Android and iOS devices. However, for iPad screens 12 inches or larger, games that require the device to be rotated (you receive a rotate phone message on your phone) should be installed using the Link module, and the "External App" option. To use the Link module, copy the url out of the provided game code, and paste the url into the url field of the module. 

Do you place ads before or during the games? 

No, we do not places ads in or during the games. 

Do I have to republish my app after adding the module or a game?