New Improved Commerce module which adds Professional features your business needs for your Gappsy App.

Commerce pro module is new, independent and enhanced version of basic commerce module available in Gappsy, we have added important features to this modules.


  1. Multi Purpose module can be used for Food , Shop , Catalog , Classified, QR menu , Table Service and many scenarios just by changing settings ,labels etc
  2. Driver Tracking for order , Integrated with
  3. Simple Stock Management – if you enable stock checking from settings, you user can’t order unless product is there in stock and stock is automatically reduced on every order.
  4. Min Quantity for Order – You can set minimum quantity for new order in product edit page, use see a warning when they try to place order with less than minimum quantity of the product.
  5. Max Quantity for Order – You can set maximum quantity for new order in product edit page, use see a warning when they try to place order with more than max quantity of the product.
  6. Trigger action on new Order  using Webhook – You can send order data to excel sheet/crm/sms or any other service provided by Zapier. You need Webhook Feature to use this.
  7. Shipping charges based on users address/ store address distance radius, store owner can add multiple radius range and charges.
  8. Store wise Listing – Show products based on store, can be used if you have multiple restaurants
  9. Show stores on map
  10. See all the products available in store , useful for chain of restaurants.
  11. Delivery date/time slot selection on checkout
  12. Settings for showing first page on commerce pro – Product  Listing Page , Category Wise List Page , Store Wise Listing Page
  13. Awesome UI and Improve UI in Store Wise Listing and also list nearest stores/restaurant by location , Enable this Design from Settings Tab
  14. Table Service as Delivery – takes Table Number as Input when enabled can be changed to Umbrella Number or anything else
  15. Integrated with [Marketplace Add-on]  allows users to create their own store and manage products/orders from app itself and user will be able to see multiple stores listing in commerce pro module
  16. Integrated with Social Network Module to allow buyer/seller Chat
  17. QR menu allows user to scan QR code and then user is redirected to respective store menu
  18. Multiple instances of Commerce Pro module can be added in same app
  19. Options to change labels of important so that you can use it for restaurant, catalog , ads ,places  or just any listing
  20. Option to Enable /Disable Shopping Cart functionality to use for other purposes like catalog etc
  21. Multiple Payment Collection Mode – Capture Payment to Store Owner Account or App Owner Account
  22. Translation included for all the warning for stock/quantity check or any other error /label
  23. Payment Gateways Supported – Cash/ Paypal / Stripe / Bank Transfer / eWallet /Meal Voucher
  24. Delivery Methods  Support  – In Store / Carry Out /Shipping / Table Service 

Upcoming in future version – Coming soon

  • Many UI improvements
  • We have plans add many more features in this module , we will keep adding more in this list as we complete
  • Local Payment gateways based on request

We are constantly improving this and request you to support us and buy it now so that you will have some financial benefits and we will have funds to dedicate team and develop many more stuff  asap.

if you have already bought and feel you need some features in this module, please let us know we might include it in future version.

Screenshots From Demo App :


(Images/Contents in Demo App are uploaded by random users if something is not right please let us know)